[maemo-users] N800 user unhappy with OS2008 upgrade -- are there

From: Steve Brown braino420 at gmail.com
Date: Sat Mar 1 00:35:10 EET 2008
Eero wrote:

> I don't quite understand.  You're unhappy if thing's closed source,
> but you're also unhappy if Nokia uses Open Source project to which it
> has contributed or even actually started the project initially as
> Open Source???

 I think he is just unhappy with the news reader (you know, what he
said)...  I hate crappy OSS as much as I hate any CSS. It's nice to have
OSS, but that doesn't mean you release crap and expect people to fix it or
_even use it as some sort of defense_! If you released it, it's YOUR
problem. If you had that attitude, you probably should have had the decency
to place a big stamp on the Internet Tablets saying "Technical coders with
free time only". I'm a technical coder with free time, so I'm not angry, but
please don't use OSS as an excuse to release crappy software and not do
anything about it or even deny that you have some sort of responsibility for
it (which is what you did by totally dodging the real problem and hiding
behind OSS).
-Steve Brown
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