[maemo-users] pwsafe.install error

From: n810 at merctech.com n810 at merctech.com
Date: Sun Mar 2 19:11:49 EET 2008

In the message dated: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 10:42:48 CST,
The pithy ruminations from David Dyer-Bennet on 
<Re: pwsafe.install error> were:

=> >   
=> Whew, long time sitting things out here.
=> But yes, it installs now.
=> Unfortunately it doesn't support V3 database format; and in fact the V2 
=> database I export now from PasswordSafe won't open either, so it's not 
=> useful.  Dunno what's wrong where, maybe PasswordSafe broke the export 
=> at some point, but anyway I'm stuck again.

That's exactly why I gave up on passwordsafe...

I've begun using keepass. There are Windows & Linux (X) versions, and the Maemo 
version is compatible.


I made some minor changes to the keepassx code for Maemo to make it a little 
nicer...changing the font size and adding the full-screen function (no 
algorithm or security changes).

I've submitted the changes back to the person who did the inital port...until 
those changes show up in the version in the repository, you can feel free to 
ask me directly for a copy.


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