[maemo-users] Missing af-sb-init.sh during installation

From: Rekha Deshmukh Rekha.Deshmukh at kpitcummins.com
Date: Wed Mar 5 06:30:51 EET 2008
Hi Jakov,
I also faced the same problem. I also installed minimal rootstrap and
there was no af-sb-init.sh installed. After that when I installed the
'Rootstrap + All Development Tools' I got the af-sb-init.sh shell script
in my installation. 


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Subject: Missing af-sb-init.sh during installation

Hi there,

Due to slow Internet connection, I have to install SB and Maemo SDK
manually, following http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/4.0/INSTALL.txt
Scratchbox is ok, tested a simple Helloworld. Then I installed SDK like

- copy maemo-sdk-rootstrap_4.0_armel.tar and ___i386.tar to
- use sb-menu, create 2 targets, ARMEL and X86, extract files to them
using above files.

As I remember, that's enough to setup Maemo like I did a lot before. But
this time, I can't start Maemo as there's no af-sb-init.sh. I search on
other machine, there're 2 files af-sb-init.sh in ..../usr/bin for each
target. I also tried to browse 2 rootstrap files above, but there're
not, too. What's step I might miss? I'll be happy to hear from you.


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