[maemo-users] Restoring on screen keyboard

From: Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Date: Mon Mar 10 13:34:32 EET 2008
Paul Gear wrote:
> I experience this issue as well sometimes when i use my Thinkoutside
> Bluetooth foldable keyboard.  Like you, i've found no workaround.

I updated to the second release of OS2008 (51-3 is it?) and tried again. 
It seems to work for me if I just yank the USB connector out now, but 
not if I gracefully remove the device with the USB applet. Maybe it's 
gracefully removing it that causes the issue? At any rate, it seemed to 
work most of the time. It can still be flaky. It seems best to have 
something like Notes open when you plug in the keyboard, and also when 
you unplug it.


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