[maemo-users] strange hardbutton behavior

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Mar 11 14:00:33 EET 2008

ext Paul Gear wrote:
> Kevin T. Neely wrote:
>> The behavior of the hard buttons on my tablet has changed and I am
> not sure why.  Before, if I clicked the home button, i would get
> a list of currently open windows.  Now, when i press it, all
 > the open windows minimize.  Also, the power button immediately
> turns the device off instead of opening the lock keys/shut
 > off/offline choices.
>> I am running OS2007HE on a Nokia 770.  I performed no OS upgrades,
>> and the only installations I am sure to have made recently were
>> Publishr and Gutenbrowse.
>> Thanks for any help or ideas.

It sounds like your keys somehow get stuck down.

Home key has different behaviour with long and short presses.

> I see your first problem on OS2008 sometimes when an application 
> (especially Kagu) is running full-screen, and takes too long to respond. 
>    Usually a spontaneous reboot follows shortly afterward.

Is it (or something used by it) running additional priviledges?
And if yes, is it taking all the memory?

> I think there is a watchdog timer kicking in and rebooting the device in 
> the event of a major problem.  Perhaps one of the developers can comment 
> on what's happening here, but you are certainly not the only one.  ;-)

	- Eero

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