[maemo-users] shift-notifier in osso-xterm on N810

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Date: Tue Mar 11 21:59:40 EET 2008

In the message dated: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 11:33:33 PDT,
The pithy ruminations from Andrew Daviel on 
<shift-notifier in osso-xterm on N810> were:
=> Does anyone know if one can disable the shift notifier in osso-xterm ?
=> On the N810, if I maximize osso-xterm and slide out the keyboard, I have the 
=> full screen available, which is almost as good as xterm on my desktop. But as 

Same here.

=> soon as I hit a key, it takes about 5 lines worth of vertical to put a shift 
=> notifier (abc/Abc/ABC/Fn) in the corner, and leaves it there till I close and 
=> re-open the keyboard. Not that it isn't useful, I just  begrudge it 15% of the 
=> screen. It might be better as a pop-up that goes away after a second or so.

I agree...mainly. I'd be really happy with a much smaller notifier of the shift 
status. Even better (and a nice looking hack) would be a representation in the 
upper-right corner of the Xterm titlebar of the traditional LEDs you'd see on 
a normal keyboard--ShiftLock, NumLock, and Chr. That would convey the same 
information, in a place where people are accostumed to looking, without taking 
additional space.

My other gripe about the Xterm is that the setting to hide the toolbar is not 
persistent. Since I've remapped keys via xmodmap to provide "|", "[", "]", "{", 
and "}", I don't need (or want) the toolbar at all.
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