[maemo-users] shift-notifier in osso-xterm on N810

From: Austin Che maemo at austinche.name
Date: Tue Mar 11 22:17:07 EET 2008
> Does anyone know if one can disable the shift notifier in osso-xterm ?
> On the N810, if I maximize osso-xterm and slide out the keyboard, I have the 
> full screen available, which is almost as good as xterm on my desktop. But as 
> soon as I hit a key, it takes about 5 lines worth of vertical to put a shift 
> notifier (abc/Abc/ABC/Fn) in the corner, and leaves it there till I close and 
> re-open the keyboard. Not that it isn't useful, I just  begrudge it 15% of the 
> screen. It might be better as a pop-up that goes away after a second or so.

    Control panel->Text input->Languages->Settings and uncheck word
    completion and next word prediction. You can also selectively
    show/hide it with shift-space. Unfortunately, shift-space only
    appears to work when that bar is shown by default (i.e. word
    prediction is on) which means that your two choices are to disable
    it completely with no easy way of bringing it back or to enable it
    and then hide it manually each time. Personally, I want the
    notifier very rarely and having tried the second option, I got
    tired of constantly re-hiding it so now I've just completely
    turned it off.

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