[maemo-users] N810. Bluetooth networking

From: Vladimir wonder_in at mail.ru
Date: Wed Mar 12 14:39:31 EET 2008
Hi all.

I want to be able to connect Nokia N810 using Bluetooth to my PC and
use PC network connection to connect to internet. I found a howto:

I have several questions:

- Does this howto apply to Nokia N810 also?
- Will this work if the PC is running MS Windows with bluetooth dongle
with connection sharing enabled?

- step 4 from the howto:
4. Goto 'Phone' in the Control Panel
Choose your new Device from step 2
It is now 'selected'. If you don't do this then it won't show up in the Connection Manager.

However, when i go to 'Phone' in the Control Panel i cannot choose my
PC because it is not listed there. I think it's because the device
class is "Computer".

Can i choose my PC as a 'Phone' some other way?

 Vladimir                          mailto:wonder_in at mail.ru

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