[maemo-users] Internal Memory Read Only?

From: Ryan Pavlik abiryan at ryand.net
Date: Wed Mar 12 21:53:40 EET 2008
Russ Wenner wrote:
> Check to see if the "write protect" tab got set to lock.
> --
> Russ
> On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 1:36 PM, Scott Carr <scarr at progbits.com> wrote:
>> For some reason, my internal memory is now mounted as a read only
>>  filesystem.  Not sure how this happened.  How would I go about making
>>  it read write again?
>>  I have a 4 GB MiniSD card that I have recently put into the system.
>>  That shouldn't have caused the Internal memory to go read only though
>>  should it?
>>  Thanks
>>  --
>>  Scott Carr
>>  OpenOffice.org
>>  Documentation Co-Lead
If I'm not mistaken, he's referring to the internal memory, not internal 
memory card.  I'm also going to guess (though this sort of thing should 
ideally be in the request for help) that this is an N810, since the only 
"internal memory" that the other tablets have is either the internal 
card or the system 256mb flash.  I'd suggest running a fsck (disk check) 
on the internal memory, and if possible, copy your files off it and 
format just that internal card.  The maps can be re-downloaded - it 
sounds like you probably have some corruption there.  The results of 
dmesg in a terminal will also let you know if you're hitting errors, 
might be worthwhile to email that to the list.

Ryan Pavlik

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