[maemo-users] Audio connection problem

From: Mark Haury wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Thu Mar 13 05:06:33 EET 2008
My N800 sounds great through the headphones, but if I try plugging it 
into a line input on _any_ other device, it sounds like crap. I've tried 
the line-in on my truck, my home amp, an AV distribution amplifier and 
my 900 MHz wireless headphones transmitter. In addition to the noise 
during silence (but while the audio system is active), the same kind of 
noise also continues to a slightly lesser (but still completely 
intolerable) extent while sound is playing. The one exception is with a 
cassette adapter - the sound level is low, but the noise is gone. 
Apparently it has something to do with either the output levels or 
extreme sensitivity to impedance mismatch or both.

I'm extremely disappointed, as I have two 8GB memory cards installed, 
and was looking forward to using it as a jukebox in my vehicles, but 
that's a no-go until I can find some way to work around this problem.

I've upgraded the firmware twice, from 2007 to the first 2008 and now to 
the latest 2008, and there's no difference between any of them.

I think this may be a hardware issue rather than software. Has anyone 
else noticed this problem, and if so, have you found a reasonable solution?

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