[maemo-users] How do i uninstall the default Email program?

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Thu Mar 13 23:47:21 EET 2008
tanguyr wrote:
> Ryan, Jonathan,
> OK, too bad - but thanks for the info.
> Can i assume this goes for all default apps (i also wanted to drop the
> default media player for Canola2)?

It's unfortunate that Nokia didn't try to learn from other attempts at 
Linux-based pocket devices, notably the Sharp Zaurus, where the same 
problem occurred.

It is abundantly unclear to me why the builtin mail, calendar, and 
contacts under OS2007 were chosen when they are quite seriously lacking 
in key functionality compared with the obvious possibilities (eg GPE 
apps); especially when the web browser and other apps are pretty good.

Making them non-removable merely adds unnecessarily to the problem. I 
believe it is even not possible to switch default behaviours (so that 
clicking on an email address in the browser, or clicking on Contacts in 
some other app, will pop up your installed replacement instead of the 
builtin default), but I'm happy to be corrected on that.

Just a small but annoying blemish on an otherwise excellent product.


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