[maemo-users] How do i uninstall the default Email program?

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Fri Mar 14 00:05:45 EET 2008
Steve Yelvington wrote:
> Peter Flynn wrote:
>> It's unfortunate that Nokia didn't try to learn from other attempts at 
>> Linux-based pocket devices, notably the Sharp Zaurus, where the same 
>> problem occurred.
> Or the Mac, for that matter. I'd love to send Mail.app on a one-way boat 
> to hades but Apple has tangled it up with iCalendar. A workspace manager 
> ("window" and "desktop" just don't seem to be the right metaphors any 
> more) should have clean plug-in interfaces to key apps like mail, 
> calendar, and users should be able to switch.

Actually it's even infecting desktop distros...just try removing 
Evolution from Ubuntu and replacing it with Thunderbird.


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