[maemo-users] Audio connection noise - NOT SOLVED! [was: Audio connection problem]

From: Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Date: Sat Mar 15 12:53:12 EET 2008
En/na Mark ha escrit:

[resending to the list, sorry Mark for sending to you directly]

> From the sound of it, though, I'm the only one having this problem,
> which leads me to believe that the problem is more serious, and that
> it's a defect in my particular unit.

That's a possibility, yes. It's also possible that I don't notice the
problem because I'm not really an audiophile (but I'm usually sensible
to noise anyway).

> Maybe the circuitry that turns
> off the the loudspeakers and switches the output to the headphone jack
> when a plug is inserted isn't fully switching over, and the hanging
> output is what's causing the problem.

This is probably a stupid suggestion, but are you sure you fully
inserted the plug in the socket? I remember that I had horrible sound
with the headphones, but that's only because I didn't push the plug hard
enough for fear of breaking my tablet.



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