[maemo-users] Internal Memory Read Only?

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Sun Mar 16 08:53:16 EET 2008
Scott Carr wrote:
> You mean on the SDCard?  I am talking about the internal memory that
> comes with the device. 
> Is there a "Write Protect" tab for the internal memory?

There is no "write protect" tab for the internal memory - it becomes read-only when the FAT filesystem is corrupted in some way. Sometimes running fsck may fix the problem after which the filesystem can be mounted read-write, but in a worst case situation you may need to re-format the FAT filesystem in order to render it usable again (ie. read-write'able once more).

As for the physical SD cards used by the N8x0 (and the MMC cards used by the 770) - although these cards have a write protect switch, it is ignored entirely by the Nokia hardware. The implementation of the hardware to detect the position of the write protect switch is optional by anyone implementing the SD/MMC card slot, and in the case of the Nokia tablets there is no hardware whatsoever to detect the switch position. There is no electronics within the card itself relating to the switch - it's just a sliding piece of plastic and it's up to the device to physically prevent writes to the card which is only possible if it has the capacity to detect the switch, which the Nokia's unfortunately cannot. :(

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