[maemo-users] Internal Memory Read Only?

From: Scott Carr scarr at progbits.com
Date: Mon Mar 17 17:45:54 EET 2008
Quoting Ryan Pavlik <abiryan at ryand.net>:

> Scott Carr wrote:
>> Ryan Pavlik wrote:
>>> Russ Wenner wrote:
>>>> Check to see if the "write protect" tab got set to lock.
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>>>> Russ
>>>> On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 1:36 PM, Scott Carr <scarr at progbits.com> wrote:
>>>>> For some reason, my internal memory is now mounted as a read only
>>>>> filesystem.  Not sure how this happened.  How would I go about making
>>>>> it read write again?
>>>>> I have a 4 GB MiniSD card that I have recently put into the system.
>>>>> That shouldn't have caused the Internal memory to go read only though
>>>>> should it?
>>>>> Thanks
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>>>>> Scott Carr
>>>>> OpenOffice.org
>>>>> Documentation Co-Lead
>>> If I'm not mistaken, he's referring to the internal memory, not
>>> internal memory card.  I'm also going to guess (though this sort of
>>> thing should ideally be in the request for help) that this is an N810,
>>> since the only "internal memory" that the other tablets have is either
>>> the internal card or the system 256mb flash.  I'd suggest running a
>>> fsck (disk check) on the internal memory, and if possible, copy your
>>> files off it and format just that internal card.  The maps can be
>>> re-downloaded - it sounds like you probably have some corruption
>>> there.  The results of dmesg in a terminal will also let you know if
>>> you're hitting errors, might be worthwhile to email that to the list.
>> Ouch.  You are correct, that information would have been good up   
>> front. Great guess, btw.
>> Yes, this is the internal memory on an n810.  I have the latest release
>> of the OS2008 as far as I am aware as well.
>> This is causing problems with Application Manager as well, because I
>> believe it stores the files on internal memory before saving.
>> If I formated the drive, how would I get the Map data back?
> Sorry, the ouch was unintentional - not meant to be personal, I just
> write quickly and also like to keep folks generally aware that in the
> case of an email, the more raw info (uninterpreted) that can be
> provided the more likely someone will take the time to produce not only
> a response, but a correct one :)

The ouch wasn't because of what you said, it was for myself.  I can't  
believe I didn't provide more info up front.  I have been around open  
source a bit.  ;-)

> Well, there are two different internal memories - the 256 system and
> the 2gb "fake internal card" with map data.  (I have no idea how to get
> map data back, presumably from within the program.  I know it can be
> done, that's all I know.)  If the AppMgr is acting up, well, then I am
> not sure what to tell you. (Both won't go bad at once unless it's not
> actually a problem with the memory.)  Perhaps a reflash is in order -
> if there was corruption on the 256, that will fix it.

I am talking about the 2gb card with the Map info, etc.  It is saying  
readonly filesystem, for some reason.  Also, I can't install any new  
applications or update either.  I believe those tasks make use of the  
2gb card as well.

> If, however, you're just saying the 2gb shows up in file manager or
> whereever as write-protected  (an average user doesn't know much about
> the 256 or whether it is write protected - I imagine that if it is
> you'd have some problems on bootup) then it's just that volume and a
> reflash won't make a difference, only a fsck or a format.

I will see what I can do about format.  How do I get the map data  
back?  I have been using the map app pretty heavily as well.

> Good luck!

Thanks for the pointers.

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Scott Carr
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