[maemo-users] Bluetooth keyboard?

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Wed Mar 19 00:17:19 EET 2008
Key travel sucks on them. Not a good typing experience. Hard to home 
your fingers on keys.

They do look great though!

If you're not a real typer you will be happy.


Mark wrote:
> Has anybody tried one of those Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboards with
> their IT? They say they require OS X, but somebody was saying that it
> worked great with his phone. Do they work with Windows and/or desktop
> Linux as well? Is there a cheaper & smaller alternative?
> If I could get a decent keyboard and OpenOffice.org working with my
> N800, I'd be in 7th heaven. (I've heard Abiword is being ported, but
> I've tried it on my desktop and it's just not a workable alternative
> for me.)
> Thanks,
> Mark
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