[maemo-users] Column width in Application manager

From: Adam Parsons Adam.Parsons at arm.com
Date: Wed Mar 19 12:45:59 EET 2008
Jeffrey Barish wrote:
> Since installing OS2008, I find that the first column in the
> application manager is so narrow that I can see only 2.5 letters. 
> Just above the list of applications, there is a vertical line marking
> the boundary between the first two columns, but it is not possible to
> drag it.  Does anyone know how to adjust the width of the column?

I had the same problem (when in red pill mode).

It was because some of the version details of a few packages in the list
are so long, that it's eating all the width.

I didn't find a way to hide the long versions, I'm afraid. I just
installed the 2 or 3 packages that were causing it, and without those in
the list, the application name column managed to get some screen space
back again!


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