[maemo-users] startup questions

From: Juha Kallioinen juha.kallioinen at nokia.com
Date: Wed Mar 19 15:01:34 EET 2008
ext Chuck Robey wrote:
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> In the last OS, before I updated, all I needed to do was the ssh
> root at localhost, and since I had set the root password, this worked fine and
> dandy.  I'd heard something about the red pill mode (this some reference to
> the Matrix?) but I'd never needed it.  Well, I sure need it now.  I saw, on
> the web, and description of how to get root which was for a VERY elderly
> version of the OS, which said you needed to reflash the N800 (thereby
> tossing away all the stuff I'd done so far) and then to do the flash util
> using a parameter of --enable-rd-mode, THEN after I had set the root
> password (somehow, this is supposed to be easy in rd mode) to re-reflash
> with --disable-rd-mode.  Is this the method I gotta use, or is there
> possibly some easier way to go about getting the root password?  I mean,
> when I flash OS2008, what the heck did it set the root password to?  This
> can't be true, it really seems to be an incredibly paranoid way to go about
> things.

Hi Chuck,

just to clarify the flashing part a bit. You can toggle the R&D mode with 
the Linux flasher program without flashing the whole image.

Just run

$ sudo flasher --enable-rd-mode

and later (if you so desire)

$ sudo flasher --disable-rd-mode

The R&D mode flag is saved to some part of the flash on the device and it's 
independent of the actual image so you won't lose any of your data.

Now when your device is in R&D mode you can do

$ sudo gainroot

on the xterminal to gain root access.


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