[maemo-users] Bluetooth keyboard?

From: Bob Lees bob at diamond.demon.co.uk
Date: Wed Mar 19 15:06:52 EET 2008
Hi Ryan

When will abiword be available in a wider forum for chinook?  Its the one 
piece I am missing from n8[01]0.



On Wednesday 19 March 2008 11:55:23 Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> Mark wrote:
> > If I could get a decent keyboard and OpenOffice.org working with my
> > N800, I'd be in 7th heaven. (I've heard Abiword is being ported, but
> > I've tried it on my desktop and it's just not a workable alternative
> > for me.)
> Abiword has been ported and is in closed beta testing now.  I'm not sure
> why it wouldn't be a workable alternative - it's certainly more than
> workable for several million people as far as I know.  I'd suggest
> trying a new version (actually, waiting a couple days and trying 2.6.0),
> since distros frequently ship old, outdated versions with bugs we've
> already fixed.  If you run across a bug, please do search
> bugzilla.abisource.com and if it's not there report it.  Statements like
> this on mailing lists only build bad blood and don't really help us
> improve the software.  Thanks!

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