[maemo-users] Column width in Application manager

From: Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Date: Wed Mar 19 16:58:48 EET 2008
Adam Parsons wrote:

> Marius Vollmer wrote:
>>> I didn't find a way to hide the long versions, I'm afraid. I just
>>> installed the 2 or 3 packages that were causing it, and without
>>> those in the list, the application name column managed to get some
>>> screen space back again!
>> You can uncheck the "Show all packages" option in Settings.  That way,
>> you can still stay in red-pill mode but get the more useful short
>> lists of packages.
> Yeah, that's fine as long as you only need the 'short' list. If you want
> the longer list, the only way I found to be able to see the package
> names was to install the few offending packages, and the names were
> visible.
> That's still a handy tip, though. I was previously swapping between red
> and blue pill modes to achieve the same effect!
> Thanks,
> Adam.

Thanks for the suggestions.  The offending packages are

faad, libfaad2-dev, libmp4v2, libmp4v2-dev

When I install them, I can read the names of all remaining installable
packages.  Of course, I can't read the list of installed applications then,
unless I switch to the short list.  BTW, it also helps to switch to
full-screen display.  Wouldn't you think that the program would have a
useful minimum column width if not user-adjustable columns?
Jeffrey Barish

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