[maemo-users] Recipient not found on server

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Wed Mar 19 22:14:07 EET 2008
Dirk-Jan.Binnema at nokia.com wrote:
> It probably means that you're using an SMTP-server outside it's own
> network.
> Ie. many ISPs won't allow you to use their SMTP server when your's not
> using their network.

Actually, it's the other network that blocks it, not yours, in order to 
reduce spam.  My ISP has a secondary SMTP port, which can be off their net.

> You could set another SMTP server that *does* work for the network
> you're
> in (there's even 'Connection-specific SMTP), or use a global
> SMTP-provider
> (ie, use Gmail SMTP server, even if you don't use it for incoming mail)
> Best wishes,
> Dirk.
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