[maemo-users] Bluetooth keyboard?

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Thu Mar 20 00:16:07 EET 2008
Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> Mark wrote:
>> If I could get a decent keyboard and OpenOffice.org working with my
>> N800, I'd be in 7th heaven. (I've heard Abiword is being ported, but
>> I've tried it on my desktop and it's just not a workable alternative
>> for me.)
> Abiword has been ported and is in closed beta testing now.  I'm not sure 
> why it wouldn't be a workable alternative - it's certainly more than 
> workable for several million people as far as I know.  I'd suggest 
> trying a new version (actually, waiting a couple days and trying 2.6.0), 
> since distros frequently ship old, outdated versions with bugs we've 
> already fixed.  If you run across a bug, please do search 
> bugzilla.abisource.com and if it's not there report it.  Statements like 
> this on mailing lists only build bad blood and don't really help us 
> improve the software.  Thanks!

I'm using it and it works fine. I used it in a meeting all day today to
take notes without any problems. I then upload the file to a bigger
system and open the .abw file there and export to XML. Having the XML
export in the N800 version would be a major plus, but I suspect that's
not on most people's wishlists :-)

*When* is someone going to make Emacs work on the N800? <grovel/>

The only difficulties I've had using AbiWord have been:

a) very rarely, if you use the stylus to highlight a lot of text (press
and drag down a couple of paras or more) it refuses to relinquish the
mark when you lift the stylus, and goes on highlighting right down to
the bottom of the document and then hangs. Unreported, as I can't
reproduce it to order.

b) with my iGo BT keyboard, something occasionally goes flaky and the
space character starts repeating and goes on forever, even after you
manage to kill AbiWord (so that if you subsequently click in another
text field like the Google search, the spaces continue repeating there.
You have to power off and reboot. So far this only starts happening when
I use AbiWord, but as it seems to be BT/iGo related, I'm not convinced
that AbiWord itself is at fault, although something in there may be
contributing. Didn't happen today, for example :-)


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