[maemo-users] N810 European Power Adapter

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Thu Mar 20 00:50:54 EET 2008
Steve Yelvington wrote:
> Kip Warner wrote:
>> I bought my N810 in Canada, and so it uses a standard North American
>> power adapter.
>> Is it easy to acquire one usable in Europe from over there? If so, how
>> much are they, and can they be used all across Europe?

I bought mine for my N800 (I assume the N810 uses the same) in the local 
(Cork) Nokia store and they charged some ludicrously inflated price (€25 
I think) but it *works* -- the other clones I'd tried didn't seem to 

I also had to show them the N800 so they could see that it needed the 
tiny plug on the N800 end -- these were Nokia staff and they'd never 
seen or heard of the N800 before, and were unwilling to believe it, even 
turning it over and examining the Nokia label :-)

The other charger that *does* work with the N800 (and is much smaller 
and neater) is my daughter's Nokia cellphone charger, but AFAIK you 
can't buy this particular one separately. Why Nokia screw us around this 
way is beyond me, and why they'd go to all the trouble of designing and 
making multiple chargers that do the identical thing is baffling.

UK/Ireland chargers have a different plug (square-pin) to the standard 
(continental) European (round-pin) ones. I went looking for a 
continental in Berlin a couple of weeks ago but everywhere was out of 
them -- dunno why (and nor did the store).

> The light gray print on your power supply should have its specs, and 
> AFAIK they're all 100-240V, 50-60Hz, so one power supply will work 
> anywhere. (It's actually quite difficult to find any that aren't 
> internationally flexible these days.)
> Get yourself a plug adaptor kit 

This is what I wanted to avoid, as they take up space, and tend to fall 
out of power outlets because of the cantilevered weight of the charger.

If I go to the UK, I bring my existing (Irish) charger, cos it fits 
those daft square-pin sockets we use.
If I go elsewhere in Europe, I want to bring the one that fits without 
an adapter.
If I go to the States, I want to bring a US charger, because adapters 
*always* fall out of those little flat-prong sockets over there.

I don't tend to do multi-continent trips, though. YMMV.

It's extra kit, but I've had it with waking up in my hotel to find the 
N800 didn't charge overnight because the adapter is loose.


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