[maemo-users] Locked out of my own machine?!?!?

From: Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Date: Thu Mar 20 03:28:47 EET 2008
>>> I've searched the site, and the root password on my N800 with OS2008
>>> 2.2007.51-3 is *NOT* "rootme". How the heck do I get root access on my
>>> own @#!$%^ machine!?!?

On my N810 with OS2008, the root password in /etc/passwd
was encrypted with crypt() and disabled (with a "!" in front). "John the 
Ripper" cracked it to "rootme" in a couple of minutes.
So, yours might indeed be "rootme" but it won't work because it's locked.
On a normal system, "usermod -U root" would unlock it.  YMMV.

After beating myself over the head a few times, I decided that the best 
way to get root is probably what Nokia intended in the first place - use 
the flasher to enable R&D mode then do "sudo gainroot". Flasher 3.0 is 
quite nice and surprisingly painless, in terms of restoring backups,
re-installing registered packages etc. Red Pill mode does not work on
OS2008 (on the N810).

Otherwise as others have said, install openssh-server + openssh-client
then ssh to localhost. (openssh-server instal prompts for a new root 
password). IMO, one should then set up ssh keys and add
"PermitRootLogin without-password" to /etc/ssh/sshd_config in view of the 
number of SSH bruteforcing attacks on the Internet.

After doing "sudo gainroot", you can then do "su -" to set root's 
environment. Otherwise it inherits user's.

I now have openssh-server.deb saved on the SD card, so if I shoot myself 
in the foot (again) I can do
# ./flasher-3.0 --enable-rd-mode
# ./flasher-3.0 -b
$ sudo gainroot
# apt-get install /media/mmc1/openssh-server.deb
then use scp and rsync to get back to where I was (apt-get over ssh from 
a desktop being a bit easier than poking application-manager with the 

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