[maemo-users] N810 European Power Adapter

From: Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Date: Thu Mar 20 14:13:46 EET 2008
Jerry Van Baren wrote:
> Luca Olivetti wrote:
>> En/na Kip Warner ha escrit:
>>> Thank you, I think I will do that. I haven't been to Europe, but is
>>> there just one standard plug across the EU, or do they vary?
>> The do vary but generally only the earth plug, so if you use a 2 prongs 
>> adapter (i.e. with no earth plug, enough for the tablet), it will work 
>> in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and probably 
>> most other EU countries (the UK being the exception).
>> IIRC on wikipedia you can find the details.

They are *generally* the same, but there is still a *lot* of variations 
around Europe, even ignoring the earth pin. Some have thicker prongs, 
some have really skinny ones.

UK (and Irish) plugs are completely different. They are far, far safer 
in practice. Each plug has a rated fuse (3, 5 and 13 amps are common in 
various devices.) Our plugs are designed to fail at the plug before 
damaging the appliance. We also have an earth pin on all plugs (though 
some devices don't use it.) This means that we don't have the "my outlet 
has no earth pin" issue that people some times hack around in the US/Europe.

> ...and the UK too, if you activate the interlock on the (missing) earth 
> leg with a toothpick (240vAC scares me) when you plug it in.
So, what you are advocating is electrocuting yourself if the earth is 
"live" and bypassing the fuse so that you can blow up your device in 
case of a power surge? :-P (yes, I know.. the UK charger has no user  
accessible fuse)

I personally like what Apple did with all it's current chargers. My UK 
iPod charger has a clip on UK plug. My MacBook charger has both the same 
type of plug attachment and also an attachment that gives a long lead 
with a plug on the end. Pure genuis!! I'm pretty sure I could just buy 
the plug replacement for Europe/USA from Apple and not the entire 
charger - this would seem a lot more economical. I could also buy one 
adapter and use it for either iPod or Macbook.


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