[maemo-users] N810 European Power Adapter

From: Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Date: Thu Mar 20 21:10:22 EET 2008
El Thu, 20 Mar 2008 15:11:06 +0000
Matt Emson <memsom at interalpha.co.uk> escribió:

> I find US and European outlets scary as heck, because they usually
> have no on/off switch. It's fairly rare to find an outlet int he UK
> without a on/off switch.

Maybe that's because your huge plug it's too difficult to unplug we
just unplug them ;-)

> The fuse will blow before the fuse in the fusebox at the mains
> dispatch board, so yeah, it does protect the device.

Only if the device is less valuable than the fuse, otherwise the device
will blow up stealthily protecting the fuse :-D

> This is ignoring
> any internal fuses that might exist in the device to protect US and
> European users ;-)

We in the continent are well protected by these gizmos:
much more effective than a fuse and a plug dimensioned to power a
small factory ;-)


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