[maemo-users] N810 European Power Adapter

From: Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Date: Fri Mar 21 00:32:10 EET 2008
En/na Matt Emson ha escrit:

> Our pugs are actually safer because you can't pull them out by the flex, 
> so you don't stress the chord or pull the wires out of the plug. All 
> plugs are easily removed though. They just pull out. The switch turns 
> off the power when not in use. Otherwise the outlet is live, even with 
> nothing plugged in. That is just insane. It's pretty hard for a child to 
> electrocute themselves with a UK plug socket because of this and the 
> shutters. People still use covers, but need them a lot less than in the 
> US/Europe.

Hey, my comment was tongue-in-cheek, however all of my outlets have 
shutter and you have to insert both prongs at once, otherwise they won't 
open, so it's extremely difficult for a child to electrocute even if he 
tries to stick, say, a screwdriver in one of the holes. And if he 
manages that, there's always the main RCD.


> Yeah, we have those too. You did read about the limitations though?
>    >Limitations
>  > A residual current circuit breaker cannot remove all risk of electric 
> shock or fire. In particular, an RCD alone will not detect
>  > overload conditions, phase to neutral short circuits or 
> phase-to-phase </wiki/Three_phase_electric_power> short circuits. 
> Over-current protection (fuse </wiki/Fuse_%28electrical%29> or circuit 
> </wiki/Circuit_breaker>
>  > breaker </wiki/Circuit_breaker>) must be provided.
> So, really you need a fuse too :-)

Or a circuit breaker (actually I have 9 or 10, each one for a specific 


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