[maemo-users] USB adapter & keyboard

From: Scott Kelso skelso at nc.rr.com
Date: Sun Mar 23 06:04:03 EET 2008
I'm using the Cables Unlimited USB-1260-02M micro-A to regular A ordered 
from Amazon [1].  It has the right pin shorted to put the N810 in to OTG 
mode...although it took me a couple days to figure out I needed to 
uninstall the usbcontrol application to get it working.  With usbcontrol 
installed, the N810 would neither automatically enter OTG mode, nor 
honor a request to enter host mode from usbcontrol.  Almost any USB 
keyboard I've tried works, so long as it does not have a built-in hub.  
The PS/2 keyboard adapter in an old Targus USB port replicator (model 
PA090) I have works, as do the USB hub downstream ports.

-- Scott


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