[maemo-users] USB adapter & keyboard

From: Scott Kelso skelso at nc.rr.com
Date: Sun Mar 23 21:58:17 EET 2008
Laurent GUERBY wrote:
> BTW, any micro-A to female A adapter, without cable so easy to carry
> around, on the market yet? That's something my N810 is still missing
> compared to my N800.
> Thanks in advance,
> Laurent
My preference was to find something like you describe - either a micro-A 
to A-female adapter block or short cable.  But the only micro-A-anything 
I could find was the cable I bought.  This surprised me, given that the 
micro-A, by definition, puts the device in to host mode.  What good is 
an A-male on the other end of a cable attached to a host, unless you 
have an also-USB-illegal A-female to A-female adapter?

-- Scott

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