[maemo-users] USB adapter & keyboard

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Sun Mar 23 23:10:21 EET 2008
On 3/23/08, Scott Kelso <skelso at nc.rr.com> wrote:
> My preference was to find something like you describe - either a micro-A
>  to A-female adapter block or short cable.  But the only micro-A-anything
>  I could find was the cable I bought.  This surprised me, given that the
>  micro-A, by definition, puts the device in to host mode.  What good is
>  an A-male on the other end of a cable attached to a host, unless you
>  have an also-USB-illegal A-female to A-female adapter?
>  -- Scott

Actually, there's no such thing as "USB-illegal" as long as the
pinouts are compliant  The problem is that devices such as the
N-series that run both host and client modes on the same physical port
are both quite new and themselves not quite compliant to the
standards. The "mini" and "micro"  connectors were originally intended
for tiny client-only devices like mp3 players and cameras, for which
the regular-sized connectors would obviously not be appropriate.. Most
devices come with their own cable, especially if they don't have the
standard-sized type A or B connector. Frankly, I think Nokia should be
shipping the relevant cable/adaptor with the tablets, rather than
forcing us to fend for ourselves.


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