[maemo-users] Dictionary adventures

From: Steve Yelvington steve at yelvington.com
Date: Mon Mar 24 00:23:08 EET 2008
In prep for a trip to Asia next week I thought I'd take a look at the various dictionary programs that have appeared since the last time I seriously examined the repositories. 

MDictionary looks quite nice but I'm not interested in Finnish. It does not seem to understand .dct files. I followed a link from the MDictionary web page and downloaded a couple of dictionaries that are compressed using bzip2 format but they won't load, and I don't seem to have a bunzip2 for IT2008.

Stardict doesn't come with any dictionaries, but directs me to a Sourceforge site to download some. However, I can find nothing in the Stardict UI that lets me load a file after it's been downloaded.

Sdict Viewer almost wins the prize ... I was able to find an English-Thai dictionary and load it into Sdict Viewer... But unfortunately the results are in Thai script, and the  N800 won't display Thai script. All I get is little blocks with character codes indicated. Not that I can read Thai script anyway, but at least I could show the search result to the guy at the food cart.

So it looks like I'll just point and gesture a lot. :-)

My goal is to travel for two weeks without lugging my Macbook. I have the N800, iGo keyboard, and a 20-gig drive that plugs directly into my camera. That and a debit card should keep me going.

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