[maemo-users] QR (mobile codes)

From: Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Date: Tue Mar 25 18:42:43 EET 2008
Anybody played with "mobile codes" (2D barcodes) ?
Apparently they are a big deal in Japan

I was browsing Nokia's site and found the following:
Of course, my 6820 cellphone is too old/small to have a reader, and
my new N810 is Linux not Symbion and doesn't have Java  :-(

After following various links on Google about formats and patents and 
people saying "not for Linux yet" I found a couple of sites saying QR was 
royalty-free and

I managed to build libdecodeqr and the "simpletest" demo under both FC4 
and Maemo. But it won't decode images on maemo (status 4200 imagereader 
error). On FC4 I can decode many of the test images, also images
made with qrencode. Also a photograph of an image made with qrencode 
(which is the whole point of the exercise).

But QR images made with Nokia's online tool give 2009 
CODEDATA_NOT_SUPPORT_ECI, which is somewhat annoying.

I was starting to think this was kind of cool ... we could put QR codes 
on museum displays etc. and if every Japanese cellphone 
out-of-the-box, and most others with an app download, can read them and 
link to a website for more information, it would be neat.

But now I'm wondering about interoperability.
Has anyone played with this on a cellphone ?
Can anyone read my QR image ?

(a while back there was a fad in Japan to have T-shirts with English 
text, but mostly it was gibberish. Interestingly, I think I had a T-shirt 
with Kanji text, and a Japanese friend said that was gibberish, too. Now 
Nokia suggests we have machine-readable gibberish on our shirts, which 
opens the door to some interesting abuse with people wearing messages 
they don't understand (see me naked on www...), much like the legend of 
the Chinese take-out in Britain whose sign apparently read "death to the 
round-eyes" or some such ....)

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