[maemo-users] Best internet download speed through bluetooth phone?

From: Laurent GUERBY laurent at guerby.net
Date: Wed Mar 26 14:10:21 EET 2008

When connected to the internet through a bluetooth phone I can't seen to
find someone reporting more than 20-25 kbyte/second even with 3G or 3.5G
phones + unlimited data plans in France at least.

With my Nokia 6086 which is EDGE only I get 20-25 kbyte/second spikes
and overall average of 10-15 kbyte/second which is as expected.
I'm evaluating wether or not to buy a 3.5G phone like the Nokia E51.

If you're in France or Europe you can test download speed in a X
Terminal as follows:

wget http://test1.guerby.org/test -O /dev/null

Hit C-c after a few minutes once you've got an idea of download speed
(test file is 10 Mbyte of compressed data). If not in Europe replace the
URL with one of any compressed file URL near you.

I'm interested in data plan/phone combo that get good download
speed in France.



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