[maemo-users] Cross-compiling for the N800

From: Jason Edgecombe jason at rampaginggeek.com
Date: Sun Mar 30 17:31:01 EEST 2008
Peter Flynn wrote:
> Jason Edgecombe wrote:
>> Peter Flynn wrote:
>>> I have downloaded a small C console utility which I'd like to compile 
>>> for my N800. It doesn't have any dependencies outside itself. I have 
>>> gcc on my Ubunty Gutsy system...
>> You need a specially compiled gcc that can cross-compile for arm along 
>> with the c library compiled for arm.
> Oh dear...shows how long ago it was that I used a 3rd-gen language :-(
>> The easiest way to do this is to download the maemo development vmware 
>> image from http://maemovmware.garage.maemo.org/
> Perfect, many thanks...but which one do I need for an N800 running 
> OS2007? Chinook, Bora, or Gregale?
Bora, I think. You can use Chinook if you upgrade your N800 to OS2008, 
the same OS as the N810. Most new development is targeted towards OS2008

Here is the code name breakdown with the OS that shipped with the 
device. OS upgrades are available depending on the device.
gregale = OS 2006, N770
bora = OS 2007, N800
chninook = OS2008, N810


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