[maemo-users] USB adapter & keyboard

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Mon Mar 31 08:03:39 EEST 2008
On 3/30/08, Laurent GUERBY <laurent at guerby.net> wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-03-30 at 08:03 -0700, Randall wrote:
>  > If you look through Cyberguys catalogue www.cyberguys.com (duh) you'll
>  > find for 20 smackers a morph cable that will make ANY end to ANY end
>  > Cat5 or USB. I've two of them so I can make any combination of USB
>  > cabling I need.
> It does mini USB but not micro USB so useless for N810.
>  Laurent

Not to mention that it takes up more room than the device itself! I
need something of a much more reasonable size, that will just give me
the standard USB Type A Female connector that is pretty much the
universal host port. Then, whatever device I need to plug into it can
just use its own connector or cable.

I recommend making your own adapter cable by splicing together two
spares like I did. It works like a charm, puts less stress on the port
than a molded adapter would, and takes up a whole lot lest space than
even a regular cable. It also didn't cost me a cent.

Next on my agenda: modifying this adapter or making a new one that
will allow me to inject pwer from a battery pack or USB power adapter
or port so I can run things like thumb drives without having to attach
a powered hub.

Or maybe just modifying a "minty boost" so I can plug it in inline
with my existing cable as is with no other adapters or connectors
necessary. Done right, it could power either the external USB device
or the Tablet as needed.


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