[maemo-users] MPlayer Slow Performance

From: Chiron Bloch johnnybadhabits at gmail.com
Date: Fri May 2 04:15:26 EEST 2008
I know this is a dumb Q:, but what's your swap size set to (Control
Also, is the poor performance you refer to regarding the video playback
itself? or the performance of the application's menu/control system during
video playback.
What video format (or formats) have you been playing back and what is the
native resolution of the video clips?
Where are the video files located? The inernal memory, the Mini-SD or Both.
If youve only been playing videos off of the SD card, what is the size/brand
of the card?

I use an N800 with os2008 and I've been experiencing satisfactory (quite
decent but not outstanding) performance with the latest version of mPlayer.
However I have been using it almost exclusively for .FLV file downloaded
using the MyTube app.

On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 5:48 PM, Kip Warner <kip at thevertigo.com> wrote:

> I am finding it difficult to use MPlayer on my N810 with the kind of
> crummy CPU it ships with. Either it's terribly underpowered or
> MPlayer's vo backends just need to be better optimized for the
> architecture.
> I've experimented with -cache 8192, -framedrop, -fps n, and even -ao
> none. Each of these seem to often make marginal improvements at best.
> Have anyone else any words of wisdom?
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