[maemo-users] Decent PIM for the N8x0

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Mon May 5 03:03:18 EEST 2008
Lake Stevens Dental wrote:
>   However, IMHO, anyone who thinks the tablets are supposed to replace 
> a larger (laptop/desktop) unit for editing misunderstands what these 
> internet tablet devices are all about.  Anyone who needs OO editing on 
> the tablet can get it NOW via Google Docs when they've got internet 
> access.   And one can port any of these documents over to the tablet 
> for display offline as pdf via a variety of means.  Ditto for PIMs. 
>   Get a clue folks -- the market is moving to store information and 
> apps online.  For many folks, the tablet's primary use is or will be a 
> "portal" to these online resources (data and apps).  This isn't to say 
> it wouldn't be nice to have some offline apps to manipulate that data 
> to be resynced with online at one's convenience.   Developing new, 
> incompatible offline apps is just not the primary direction the market 
> is going, at least for portal devices.  Google's gain is likely to be 
> Microsoft Office's (and other non-compatible, non-syncing offline apps 
> and resources) loss in the near future.

With a device such as the N800/801, WiFi might not always be available.  
I've never asked for incompatible apps, as I mentioned, something that 
supports ODF would be nice.  And open standards should be used whenever 
possible.  Google already supports ODF, IIRC.
>  As a disclaimer -- I don't have any stock in any of these companies 
> -- perhaps I should...   It's just that when non-techy acquaintances 
> of mine tell me they are moving to gmail and gdocs in significant 
> numbers, something is going on... 
>   Creating another layer of small market, incompatible offline apps 
> that don't readily sync their data with common online resources may 
> only impair the full development and utility of these portal devices.  
> The next level of technology for portal devices is going to be some 
> sort of wi-max devices with a lot more internet access than today's 
> wifi provides.  In which case, the users of these new devices will 
> probably ask "who needs these offline apps when you can almost always 
> be online?". 
>   IMHO, what is needed is a focus on developing better sync capability 
> for the various devices that one uses -- there's a number of folks  
> working on just that.  At some point in the near future, it will be 
> nice (and presumably possible) to have my regular cell phone, 
> desktops, laptops, tablets and what-not all be synced with for PIM, 
> docs, galleries, and other device appropriate resources.  

As an example, I can export my address book in LDIF format, from 
Seamonkey, Thunderbird etc.  However, for some reason the N800 email app 
gets the fields mixed up when importing the data.  How could that 
happen, if whoever wrote the email app was paying attention to specs?

Use OpenOffice.org <http://www.openoffice.org>

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