[maemo-users] Solved. Was: Battery life VERY short on N810, last OS2008...

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon May 5 12:34:45 EEST 2008

ext Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> Glad to hear you worked it out - good to know those items in any case.  
> I suppose the next step would be to file a bug with those projects, 
> possibly with an strace (I think?) result to find out what they're doing 
> when not being used.

When adding these bugs to bugs.maemo.org Bugzilla, please add
the "use-time" keyword to them so that they're easier to find.

> I have not yet had the same good luck as you and get about 1-2 days even 
> if I turn the thing to offline mode when I don't want to use the 
> internet.

You can strace multiple processes at the same time.
Attached is a script that helps a bit in that.

> I'm suspecting the continually breaking email (it must not 
> like my imap server or something) might be affecting it, since I already 
> removed the fm radio and load meter bits.

There's already bug 3022 on FM-radio.

	- Eero

> RE: battery estimates, I remember reading not too long ago on some 
> really clever analysis of battery discharges in some GNOME software, 
> possibly Gnome Power Manager?  It might be useful/interesting to see if 
> that logic can be ported, because from at least a theoretical math point 
> of view it seemed pretty sensible.
> Ryan
> Giacomo Tufano wrote:
>> Battery problem has been solved. I had 1 critical issue and 2 minimal
>> ones on battery life.
>> First  and worst was pidgin. The software is very aggressive when the
>> net goes down. RTComm beta is more 'quiet'. I use it ever 'on'
>> autoconnecting when network is up. Pidgin, apparently, don't like this
>> approach.
>> Gnotifier also seems to be a battery eater, much less than pidgin.
>> Last problem in my home network. I have 2 apple ap in a wds network
>> (concrete building). If the tablet is left in the middle between the
>> two ap, this seems to hamper battery life. No special ideas on the
>> why. Just noticed it.
>> I'm now happy again, with ca. 4 days standby with moderate use. I was
>> just willing to share my findings in case someone else is hit, many
>> thanks for your support in debug this.
>> Tx, gt
>> ps: the last strange thing is that the battery applet says: '8 days',
>> goes down one day per day up to 4 and, then, the day after is empty.
>> Not a big problem, in reality. Battery indicators are, in my
>> experience, not more reliable in other cases (phones or notebook).
>> On 4/21/08, Giacomo Tufano <gt at iltofa.it> wrote:
>>> On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 4:58 PM, Eero Tamminen <eero.tamminen at nokia.com>
>>> wrote:
>>>>  One possibility is a WLAN AP with broken power management, but then
>>>>  things shouldn't get that much worse with newer OS release.   Another
>>>>  possibility is some process using network often.
>>>>  Could you try using "Offline mode" option from the power key menu?
>>>>  If it helps significantly, then the issue is related to network.
>>> I'll try this evening/night and I'll get back tomorrow with the 
>>> results...
>>>>  Have you enabled RSS updates?  Do you leave e.g. Browser window
>>>>  open when you don't use the device?
>>> No (I hate programs polling automatically) :-). The only program
>>> polling is the gmail notifier...
>>>>  What applets you have enabled in Home?
>>> Internet search, web link (no change on standard URI), Tableteer info,
>>> clock and Internet Radio (never used, sitting idle).
>>>>  If you do following from SSH after screen has blanked:
>>>>         strace -p $(pidof hildon-desktop|cut -d' ' -f1)
>>>>  Is there any activity?
>>> I got (very fast) after the command:
>>> gettimeofday(whatever) = 0
>>> ioctl(3, FIONREAD, [0]) = 0
>>> gettimeofday(whatever) = 0
>>> poll(
>>> and then nothing else...
>>> To answer your question in a later email (so to try to save
>>> bandwidth): the device is not in R&D mode...
>>> It was before the upgrade, but I disabled the R&D mode after an email
>>> from you a week ago, or something like that explaining the problems
>>> with power management in this mode.
>>> Thinking about this, I did two things: upgraded the OS AND disabling
>>> R&D mode. But I think the latter can't be the problem, no?
>>> btw: I disinstalled Canola (the program is very complex, it is a
>>> candidate for problems/bugs).
>>> I'll try (in this order):
>>> leave the tablet "as is" (to test canola);
>>> if nothing leave the tablet with net disabled;
>>> if nothing I'll try to kill the metalayer-crawler (but I had no
>>> problem before, on N810 or on the 770 I used before this one and this
>>> tablet used to have power for 4 to 7 days)...
>>> If nothing the only other thing I can do is to reinstall OS2008 and,
>>> then, add an application every 2-3 days to isolate the battery
>>> offender...
>>> If there is something else I can try, feel free to suggest other
>>> option (I'm open). :-) If there are no other suggestion I'll post a
>>> success when I found the root cause...
>>> Thank you all for your help and support,
>>> gt

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