[maemo-users] Decent PIM for the N8x0

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Mon May 5 14:10:21 EEST 2008
Lake Stevens Dental wrote:
> James Knott wrote:
>> As an example, I can export my address book in LDIF format, from 
>> Seamonkey, Thunderbird etc.  However, for some reason the N800 email 
>> app gets the fields mixed up when importing the data.  How could that 
>> happen, if whoever wrote the email app was paying attention to specs?
>  IMHO, TB & SM are fine apps for single user systems.  I used TB on my 
> laptop and desktops for email and RSS for quite a number of years.  
> Like you, I've also had a lot of hassles keeping my TBs contacts and 
> calendars synced between my laptop, office desktop, tablet and home 
> desktop power computer (used for media apps).   I've attempted to 
> install some TB extensions that supposedly syncs TB contacts, but that 
> seems a work in progress at best, at least when compared to Foxmarks 
> syncing browser data on Firebox.  Ditto for TB Calendar syncing 
> progress.   It would be nice to have them sync with gmail calendar...
>  In my limited attempts to sync data, TB seems to mangle exports into 
> gmail just as much as it does my tablet.  I haven't tried gmail 
> exports of contacts, but that's probably because I've haven't 
> successfully got my extensive TB contacts properly imported into 
> gmail.  My time sorting this stuff out is limited.  I've just got too 
> much other stuff to do.  At this point, it seems most of the syncing 
> problem may be TB (or SM) exports.  These issues all seems to not be a 
> problem on Gmail, except there currently doesn't seem to be readily 
> available syncing of Gmail and calendars with any offline apps, 
> although it's possible I just haven't spent the time finding out 
> what's available.  My guess is if it's not available, compatible 
> syncing offline apps for gmail and gdocs is likely to happen soon 
> enough.  
I wasn't talking about syncing the address book, just exporting and 
importing the contents.  I have done that with Google mail and another 
on-line email app, without problem.  However, as I mentioned, the N800 
email app gets the fields mixed up.  One thing that really bugs me, are 
those who say it's only an internet tablet, as though that somehow 
excuses incompatibility.  Well, it's not just an internet tablet.  It's 
a Linux computer and should be able to do anything any other Linux box 
does, bearing in mind the hardware limitations.  Limited hardware 
doesn't cause problems with importing files.  That cause by whoever 
wrote the app not paying attention to what they're doing.

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