[maemo-users] keyboard click?

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Mon May 5 22:36:42 EEST 2008
Jeffrey Mark Siskind wrote:
> Is it possible to set the N810 to generate audible clicks when pressing keys
> on a bluetooth keyboard? 

I don't know.

> If so, does this work with the kbdd SPP driver? 

Yes, it should. For userspace there should be no difference between hidd 
based and kbdd based keyboard, both generate input events of same 
'quality'. Slight dufference may be that kbdd presents itself to the 
system as serial keyboard with name SerKBD. If something cares about 
this type and name, it can be easily tweaked in kbdd source.

> If not, what is the simplest API to use within a C program on the N810 to
> generate keyclicks? I'd like to modify kbdd to do so if necessary.

kbdd is not right place for this code, it feeds events to kernel, such 
keyclick code should probably sit in some place which listens to input 
subsystem events so it works for any keyboard present in system. But 
still it is certainly possible to hack kbdd to do it too.


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