[maemo-users] Decent PIM for the N8x0

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Mon May 5 23:21:19 EEST 2008
Mark wrote:
> If you're "syncing" with the tablet, then you have a PIM on the
> tablet. I don't use Google or any other online document or calendar
> services and never will. There's no substitute for having (often
> private/sensitive) data on the local machine rather than in the hands
> of some faceless corporation, not to mention that when one most needs
> access to the data just might be (and in my case *usually* is when no
> network is available or when wireless is banned or even deliberately
> jammed.
There may be PIM workarounds available that will fill your need.  I use 
Claw mail on the tablet and, I think it has a calendar (which I don't 
use).  It's probably possible to easily port it's info around to other 
Claw mail programs with it's export import options.

  Also, I'm currently not aware of too many folks who have had security 
issues with Google accounts.  I'm sure that day may come -- it's just 
the info most folks are storing there is hugely full of BS, like when my 
tennis matches are for the next couple weeks, my son's soccer team 
contacts.  It's stuff that just isn't important to anyone else, at least 
when compared to online credit card info which has a much higher value 
per byte and probably takes just as much effort or more to steal.  That 
being said, Gdocs is perhaps not the best place to store your credit 
card info and log in info for various services, unless perhaps it's 
appropriately encrypted and protected.  For all I know, that's part of 
the system, or could be done, or is perhaps planned... 

>>>  So big deal, OpenOffice isn't currently available on the tablets, which
>>  > means OO docs can't be edited on the tablet.
>>  We don't need OO on the tablet, though applications that can handle ODF
>>  would be nice. For example light weigh apps, such as Numeric and Abiword
>>  already exist. Unfortunately they don't support ODF.
> Speak for yourself. I *do* need OOo on the tablet. You're forgetting
> that it not only does ODF, it also does the Micro$oft formats just as
> well, not to mention rtf, txt, and a multitude of other formats. If
> somebody else comes out with an application that works as well with
> all those formats as OOo, great! That currently is not even close to
> being the case, though.
Well, you'll just have to wait for some sort of OO tablet port.  From 
what I can tell, you may be holding your breath a long time for that to 
happen, at least on the tablets.  Or you can compromise with reality and 
use OO on Google docs via your tablet, which does basically all you want 
(docs, spreadsheets, presentations, etc) online NOW with that dreaded 
free gmail account you don't want to have.  If you're so paranoid you 
just can't leave stuff online, then port your work offline when you're 
done and create pdf versions for your use on the OOless tablet. There 
are readily available FREE solutions available to you and others.  There 
are others, such as logging on to your desktop remotely and running OO 
remotely on your desktop over the internet that can be done for free.  
You just have to schedule your work when you've got internet access. 

  Basically, if you paint yourself into a corner with your somewhat 
isolated paranoid demands, don't be surprised if the marketplace leaves 
you wanting.  Jumping up and down with demands for extra attention may 
not help you much but feel free to persist.  There are reasonably 
portable products (such as the eee microlaptop) out there that do 
exactly what you want right out of the box -- they're just not internet 
tablets, although there are persistent rumors of a touch screen eee out 
there.  It may come to pass -- for a price...  There are higher end 
tablets for $$$$ to be had.  If what you're doing is of high value, then 
perhaps the extra cost to get a micro touchscreen tablet might be

  I guess it all comes down to you've got to pick your battles -- good 
luck with the one's you've chosen to fight -- keep us updated as to your 

Always, Fred C

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