[maemo-users] Decent PIM for the N8x0

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Tue May 6 20:49:56 EEST 2008
On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 8:04 AM, Kevin T. Neely
<ktneely at astroturfgarden.com> wrote:
>  Just look at how Nokia has it marketed:  it is an "N-series" device, which (apart from the tablet) is all smartphones.

That's really not true. First of all, every one of those smartphones
has a decent PIM that works (not to mention a whole bunch of other
non-phone-specific functionality), right out of the box. Second, the
tablets are marketed as having a bunch of software available and
easily installed. However, the majority of the apps available, while
appreciated, don't really add any major capability. Those that do are
things that should have been included out of the box (like USB Control
- there's no excuse for there not being a built-in, easily accessible
GUI applet for that).

The bottom line is that regardless of how you perceive the tablets,
they are not *consumer* devices. They are developer's toys, and not
even very good for that because of so much of them being closed. They
shouldn't be marketed as consumer devices.


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