[maemo-users] sporadic reset of hildon desktop

From: Uwe Kaminski jukey at ju-key.de
Date: Thu May 8 14:43:18 EEST 2008

I use the n800 with OS2008 starting from the internal memory card (i
thing this has nothing to do with my problem).

Sometimes after a few minutes and sometimes after a few hours - but if i
wait for a time which is long enough the hildon desktop makes a reset.
This means not that the device reboots or somthing like that but the
home applets, the statusbar icons and the hildon control panel
arrangement (not the application icons or bookmarks!) ist set back to
the state afte flashing the device. This means the 'personal menue' i
installed is not visible instead of the contacts.

After rebooting the device the statusbar and the control panel
arrangement and the home applets are customized like i did it. But after
a few minutes or houres these components are reseting again...

An other way to bring back my customized status is to go to the control
panel and deselect "personal menu" and select it again (btw. its the
same thing with the "command navigator" application instead of "personal

Without using non standard control panel plugins theres no reset if i
remember correct.

Is there anybody who has an idea whats going wrong? Has anyone the same

Thanks, Uwe

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