[maemo-users] Newbie to maemo lookig for advice

From: Arnau Bria arnaubria at pic.es
Date: Wed May 14 11:22:34 EEST 2008
On Tue, 13 May 2008 11:49:13 +0200
sebastian maemo wrote:

> 1. I think it's not a good idea to install apps directly from sources
> in any Debian system. In the case of the Nokia Tablet I would say
> that it's a must not to do so.
Fine,  I don't like it neither, there's a package manager for that. But
in my first approach, I tough "it was the way".

> 2. I think it's not necessary to use KDE. I find the Hildon Desktop
> enough for user applications.
Yep, probably yes (I'm really newbie). But I'd like something more
beautiful like e17, or known (for me) as kde... as kde is too big,
proably e17 will be my next WM.

Could someone talk a little about mamona? is 0.1 stable enough? 
Does it use less space?


> Nevertheless, I think that, by default, the Tablet tries to create the
> virtual memory on the FAT partition, so that if you want to use
> virtual memory, you'll need to hack the system in order to mount your
> own swap partition.
Mmm... I did not find the partition you mentioned... 
I finally did the 2GB partition.

> Besides you'll need a separate /home partition to mount when you want
> to connect the Tablet to the PC via USB. Because I suppose it's not a
> good idea to mount at your PC the whole root file system of the
> Tablet (unless you mount it with read only permissions).
Well, I use ssh server and I think it's enough for me... at least till

> Cheers,
> Sebas.
Thanks for your reply,

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