[maemo-users] Minutes of maemo web monthly meeting, 13/5/2008

From: Dave Neary bolsh at gnome.org
Date: Wed May 14 13:56:21 EEST 2008
Hi all,

Here are the minutes of the maemo web team meeting which we held
yesterday morning - I'm sending it outside maemo2midgard-discussion
(where it's been posted already) to give you all an idea of what we're
working on, and to give people a chance to give us feedback.

## Present:

* Quim Gil - Nokia
* Marcell Lengyel - Nokia
* Eero af Heurlin - Nemein
* Emilia Hjelm - Nemein
* Janne Antola - Nemein
* Andre Klapper - Openismus
* Karsten Bräckelmann - Openismus
* Niels Breet
* Dave Neary

## Agenda:

* Introductions
* Review of status of April sprint actions
* Review of proposals for May sprint
* Review of high and medium priority bugs against website product

## Introductions

New arrivals Andre, Karsten, Emilia, Janne and Dave introduced themselves.

## Review of status of April sprint actions

Conserved for posterity in

The following tasks were completed:

* Full news content - Henri - **done**
* maemo extras + extras-devel: a beta published. - Niels **done**
* Agree ServerInfraPlan with ISP. Eero **done**
* MediaWiki: fresh install + maemo logo + PAM login - Ferenc **done**
** There is a shiny new Mediawiki install which will be available soon
at https://wiki.maemo.org/index.php

The following tasks are ongoing:

* Clean old documentation bugs - Jarmo - Handled by Dave, some **done**,
others move to May
* Implement GForgeUpgradePlan - Ferenc started, but will be done in May

Of 35 High priority bugs which were open at the start of the month,
there are now 23.

The following tasks are carried forward to May:

* API dowloads to be fixed - Henri/Niels
** Niels volunteered to help get this fixed
* Google Search fix - Marcell
** Marcel has contacted Ixonos about this, there is some problem but no
resolution yet
* The following items depend on the new infrastructure being available
** Fix cache issues - Eero - waiting for new infrastructure
** Plan for login issues - Eero - waiting for new infrastructure

## Review of proposed May sprint items


There were a lot of new proposals. They were split into 2 categories: to
do in May, and "Backlog". "Backlog" items are low priority items which
might (a) take a long time, and (b) be very difficult.

### New items

* Implement ServerInfraPlan - Marcell
** Cache issues and login issues depend on this
* Documenting in maemo.org the web development process. Dave
** Dave will be asking people lots of questions about this
* improve extras assistant/promotion interface -Niels
* bugzilla authentication using garage accounts -Ferenc
* triaging/syncing bugs that have been duplicated to garage tracker
(currently underway) - Andre/Karsten
* Document how to deal with internal nokia bug tracker (pending)
* Wiki reorg:
** Start content migration to MediaWiki. - Dave
** Complete incomplete sections of
https://maemo.org/community/wiki/wikireorg/ - Dave
** Scrub outdated/irrelevant pages - Dave
** Fix bug #1587 - Dave
* jobs section for maemo.org -Niels
* Proposal agreed on better extras categories - Niels
* automatic updating of maemo.org/downloads on upload to extras. -Niels
* Start collecting product specific standard "need more info" questions
to improve the feedback quality of the reports (before developers take a
look) - Andre/Karsten
* come up with a plan to create aliases as default assignees for
components. get rid of "nobody at maemo.org" default assignee. urge
developers to add themselves to the watchlist for products they are/feel
responsible for. - Andre/Karsten
* assign all open bugs to correct default assignees. there's a total of
1227 open bugs, 831 of them assigned to nobody at maemo.org. many reporters
have the impression that nobody cares at all about their reports.
* Brainstorm site: Investigate how we could do this, find out what
software Ubuntu are using. Make proposal on brainstorming site before
end of May - Dave
* Publish a "Who's who in maemo", including Nokia engineers working with
the community, contractors and volunteers. Encourage people to update
their information to keep the document up to date - Dave
** Documenting companies involved in maemo development.
* Start the "What's happening Nokia?" page that people have been talking
about in this thread:
and try to come up with a sane way to keep it up to date and get answers
to the questions people are asking from the definitive source - Dave
* Start publishing weekly reports about bugs.maemo.org activity, format
to be improved. Andre/Karsten

### Backlog

* start nagging developers on urgent issues (depends on the yet to
create "Who's who" list). -Andre/Karsten
* Define maemo.org policies for things like editbugs, getting @maemo.org
email addresses, and if it doesn't exist, getting svn access - Dave
* Proposal for http://maemo.org/community/
* Documenting better Nokia contributions to open source projects,
complement of http://opensource.nokia.com

## Review of bugs

All of the High and Medium priority bugs were looked at. There are 27
high priority bugs and 29 medium priority bugs on the website component.

All agreed that the list of tasks for the May sprint was long, but many
of them are relatively small tasks, and everyone is confident we'll make
good headway during the month.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
bolsh at gnome.org

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