[maemo-users] Newbie to maemo lookig for advice

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Fri May 16 21:51:53 EEST 2008
Kevin T. Neely wrote:
> On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 04:07:39PM +0200, Arnau Bria wrote:
>>> My wife and daughter are wandering around Europe
>>> with my tablet so they can call me over the internet, so I'll have to
>>> wait for a week or so to see what does or doesn't work in the Claws
>>> calendar plugin.
>> Thanks for the info.
>> Now that talked about internet call, I must study this issue too.
> Dr. Fred, That's really cool that you are keeping in contact via VOIP from Europe, how is it working?
> The primary apps for this are Gizmo and Skype.  They should be very easy to install on an up-to-date OS2008 install.  For a bit more work and for a real communications upgrade for the tablet, check out rtcomm project which, I think, is a replacement enhancement for the communication systems, adding features and making them feel more "default".
I've got both Skype and Gizmo (and Google Talk) installed with 
additional accounts for my laptop and home computer.  The n800s account 
has some Gizmo $ so they can call out from Gizmo to land and cell 
lines.  Both Gizmo and Skype work fine, when you can find good internet 
access and are both online. Test it at your home wifi if you want by 
setting up a pair of desktop/laptop and tablet accounts so you can call 
yourself.  Fine print -- neither Skype or Gizmo seems to handle video 
calls on the tablet (or at least I've not been able to make it work).   
I set up an older desktop at home with Ubuntu, a webcam and microphone 
and leave it on all the time while I'm home -- it's sort of like a free 
home video phone (not counting the idling power consumption -- it's been 
cold around here so I look at it as another heater most of the time).  
That's usually how I connect up with my wife and D in Europe.

Video calls work fine on my daugthers eee pc via Skype (Gizmo isn't 
installed on her eee pc).  Fine print, my daughter doesn't like to set 
up her eee pc in public to make calls -- afraid of thieves. And the eee 
pc shuts down when you close it up.   The tablet is perhaps better for 
public calls as after you initiate the call, you can slide the tablet 
into your pocket or purse and talk via the wired earpiece/mic (or 
bluetooth earpiece) like most any other person with a hands free cell 
phone setup.

 IMHO, Gizmo has a minor advantage in that you can phone another Gizmo 
account and leave voice mail for free.   Skype charges for that.  Gizmo 
also offers 'connections' to about ten messenger programs like 
GoogleTalk, Jabber, etc.  I used the internet phone (n800) myself last 
year in Spain via Gizmo where my hotel had internet wifi -- worked great. 

 The fine print is my wife and daughter have been too busy most of the 
time fooling around sight seeing to look for internet access and none of 
their hotels offer free wifi -- they offer guest computer desktop 
access.  They've called from an internet cafe (pay for time) and McD's 
free wifi.  When they are in transit, like today, and have time on their 
hands, they're out of communication because the trains don't have wifi.  
My wife isn't the sort to figure out how to buy and use some Boingo time 
(or other common wifi subscription service).  That's probably what I'd 
have done on this trip. 

Always, Fred C

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