[maemo-users] Roaming connectivity (was Re: Newbie to maemo lookig for advice

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sat May 17 22:46:31 EEST 2008
Lake Stevens Dental wrote:
> My wife and daughter are wandering around Europe with my tablet so
> they can call me over the internet

Apropos of not very much anything else, a few months ago I needed a new
router/AP, and a colleague persuaded me to sign up for FON, whose box
emits two signals, one encrypted for your domestic use, and one public
with a configurable max share of your bandwidth. By agreeing to make
some of your domestic broadbandwidth available to the public, you get to
make free use of others' sharable bandwidth worldwide. I have found this
invaluable when travelling with my N800, as the number of other
freely-accessible signals seems to be on the decline -- even some cafes
now either charge or have turned provision over to corporate providers.

Are any other N*** users doing this?


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