[maemo-users] Yet another N810 FAQ

From: Tuukka Tolvanen tuukka.tolvanen at gmail.com
Date: Tue May 20 12:28:04 EEST 2008
Andrew Daviel wrote:

> (as to why it's not a Wiki .. I *still* find it easier to edit on my
> own servers with vi than to use a browser as an editor ...)

Have you considered https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4125 
? I haven't tried it but it sounds useful for that case.

> <pre> key <ab07> { [ m,          M,        Escape,  Escape   ]  };
>  key <ac10> { [ semicolon,  colon,    bar,     bar      ]  };
>  key <ae12> { [ plus,       equal,    Tab,     Tab      ]  };
>  key <ac11> { [ apostrophe, question, grave,   grave    ]  };
> </ac11></ae12></ac10></ab07></pre>


> How can I set preferences in the browser ? Many of the user
> preferences in Firefox appear to be missing in the tablet edition,
> such as connect via proxy. However, typing "about:config" into the
> location box will bring up the config editor (as it does in the
> desktop edition), and the proxy settings may be changed.

There are per-connection proxy settings in control panel -> connections 
(advanced or somesuch button on the last page of the wizardry)... I 
don't know how they interact with prefs you might set in about:config 
but if you're mentioning the possibility of changing them in browser 
prefs I think you'll need to either also explain the interaction, or use 
a different example, to avoid confusion :)

> Why doesn't the GPS start when I run gpscamera or Maemo Mapper ? The
> GPS chip is normally turned off to save power (make the battery last
> longer). Not all programs know how to turn it on. See e.g. the Maemo
> Connectivity Guide, gpsbt API The easy way: run Nokia Maps and
> minimize it, then run the other application. The hard way: patch your
> program to call gpsbt_start(). See e.g. "demo" (from above
> Connectivity Guide) at N810/gpstest

For maemo-mapper, "Bluetooth" with blank address works; see 


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