[maemo-users] Protecting data

From: David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Date: Sat May 24 05:48:51 EEST 2008
I'm moving very slowly towards moving from a Palm TX for my walkaround 
device to the N800. The N800 has much superior web browsing, a better 
screen, a darned good ebook reader, and thought I don't have it yet I 
hear there's a port of KeePass encrypted password database, which would 
be compatible with what I use elsewhere so I can just drop the file on 
the N800.  I've got an adequate email solution, working.  So if I find 
an address database and a calendar I can stand, I'll be good.

Except that I don't dare take it out of the house.  There doesn't seem 
to be any security.  Anybody who found it could access my email, the 
passwords stored in the browser, the credit card information in the PIM 
database, and so forth.   I found some kind of lock that takes a very 
short numeric password, but that's inadequate.  And of course anything 
on either of the two memory cards can be read in any device you put the 
cards into, which means I really need encryption on them (or be sure 
nothing sensitive is stored there). 

Furthermore, startup is very slow, unless I just put it to sleep.  And 
does waking up require re-authenticating?

I'm assuming I just lose on encrypting the memory cards; I suspect the 
processor performance would make that a bad idea.  I can probably live 
with that, with a little care on where things go.  But I need some kind 
of authentication when I turn the device on or wake it up.  How do 
people handle this?  Or do people just wander around with their 
information ready to hand for the first person who snatches their toy?

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