[maemo-users] Protecting data

From: Ryan Pavlik abiryan at ryand.net
Date: Sat May 24 17:17:59 EEST 2008
David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
> I'm moving very slowly towards moving from a Palm TX for my walkaround 
> device to the N800. The N800 has much superior web browsing, a better 
> screen, a darned good ebook reader, and thought I don't have it yet I 
> hear there's a port of KeePass encrypted password database, which would 
> be compatible with what I use elsewhere so I can just drop the file on 
> the N800.  I've got an adequate email solution, working.  So if I find 
> an address database and a calendar I can stand, I'll be good.
> Except that I don't dare take it out of the house.  There doesn't seem 
> to be any security.  Anybody who found it could access my email, the 
> passwords stored in the browser, the credit card information in the PIM 
> database, and so forth.   I found some kind of lock that takes a very 
> short numeric password, but that's inadequate.  And of course anything 
> on either of the two memory cards can be read in any device you put the 
> cards into, which means I really need encryption on them (or be sure 
> nothing sensitive is stored there). 
> Furthermore, startup is very slow, unless I just put it to sleep.  And 
> does waking up require re-authenticating?
> I'm assuming I just lose on encrypting the memory cards; I suspect the 
> processor performance would make that a bad idea.  I can probably live 
> with that, with a little care on where things go.  But I need some kind 
> of authentication when I turn the device on or wake it up.  How do 
> people handle this?  Or do people just wander around with their 
> information ready to hand for the first person who snatches their toy?
There's a port of TrueCrypt and the GUI for all your transparent 
file-encryption needs.  The device is intended to be always left on - a 
restart cycle costs you the equivalent of several days in sleep mode 
w.r.t. battery charge.

Ryan Pavlik

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